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Is the soul a ‘safe house', the Sans Souci of the living, or is Hiraeth (Welsh for a sense of lost ‘home’) where the heart is?

This unbearable likeness of beings: Eidôla and other palimpsests, illustrate the problematic lacuna around interpretations of the ever-ineffable, secular soul. It searches for its place in humanity, outside-in, and inside-out.

Faces are a teeming inheritance of fleshy palimpsests that create human visual echoes of the familiar strangers that inhabit our DNA. Visual soul-language and its Western currency in the 21st Century are re-imagined through portraits of three London-based ‘bloody foreigners’ resembling beings of another century, another place: nowness.


Their transience dictates that everywhere and nowhere is home – it is the soul that is their constant:  Phasma, Ensouled and Boy With Long Hair.

Analogue, digital, and coding techniques disrupt common image-making’s lingua franca including a collaboration with  300-year old British silk weavers Stephen Walters & Sons Limited. 

A Pan-Hellenic, philosophical lens within a climate of global identity crisis presents unfashionable notions of the soul as the anchor to which humanity over nationality is attached.


‘Shadows’ of the soul, that the Greeks called Eidôla — are bedfellows of the Portuguese saudade, a bitter-sweet, melancholic yearning for something beautiful that is gone.

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