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The Soul of the Dandy_ Eidôlon to Weimar
phil plate painting.png
phil plate 3.png
Inside-out, Outside-in Dandy Soul Gazing
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Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 18.31.43.png
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phil plate painting_edited.png

 A Dandy Imagined at The Mouth of Hades.

A short film, visually researching and critiquing  Pan-Hellenistic 'shadows' of the soul reflected in song lyrics and how this works alongside imagery. 
The video interrogates notions of what the Greeks called 'Eidôlon' – using portraits made of bloody foreigner, dandy, and author, Philip Mann.

A creative, non-commercial, personal project featuring original photography, oil paintings, 3D rendering, sculptures, and digital animation.

 No commercial use, all images and concepts copyright 2023©. Music strictly copyright to Johnny Cash performed by Nick Lowe 1994©. Application for non-commercial use made, and pending.

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